Monkey Species Found in Uganda’s Safari Destination

Monkey Species Found in Uganda’s Safari Destination

Monkey Species Found in Uganda’s Safari Destination : Uganda is quite awesome destination where everyone can go and wonder about several beautiful monkey species that can be conducted from the tropical rain forests found in different regions of the country. Above all, Uganda is famously known in the entire world has a capital for primates, this is because the evolution of primates started in Africa and later spread to the whole world thus making it a privileged safari destination. Visiting Uganda on the primate safaris, you will be surprised to encounter a number of primate’s species in their natural habits/tropical forests of the country

However, Uganda is much gifted with high concentration of primates in the entire East African Community and on the African continent at large. It hosts over 13 primate species that dwell in the tropical forests of Uganda. Besides that, if we decide to add the nocturnal primates found in Kibale National Park and Budongo Forest both found in Uganda, the number might multiply.


The major highlight of primates are Chimpanzees and has ranked Uganda safari destination. Chimpanzees give out great sights that proves to look like humans because they share about 98% DNA of the human.

Apart from unique chimpanzees which can be encountered on Uganda primates’ safari, there are other several species to see in the tropical rain forest of Uganda. Uganda is more blessed with the number of primates besides the chimpanzees. But there are other monkeys in different species as listed below;

Black and white colobus monkeys

These type of species are known as ekiremu or engeye in local language. They are commonly seen in tropical forests of Uganda like Kibale national park, Budongo, Mabira and other areas in the country. The black and white colobus monkeys look unique in their black bodies and whitetails. They have no thumbs on the fingers thus making them to loss support which results from falling off the trees. Black and white colobus monkeys can easily be encountered in the lower tree branches and shrubs. There are high chances of seeing a wide range of black and white colobus monkeys during the nature walks in Kibale forest national park.


Uganda Red Tailed Monkeys and Blue Monkeys

Both these species have a slightly different in appearance compared to other Monkey Species found in tropical forests of Uganda .These species are called enkunga  by the local people of Kibale .They are the smallest species of monkey found in Kibale Forest national park .The red tailed monkeys are marked by their beautiful heart –like noses and the white hairy cheeks .Then the blue monkeys are not necessarily blue according to their appearance but they have got blue backs .They can be encountered in Kyambura gorge of Queen Elizabeth national park ,Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Kibale Forest national park plus other tropical forest in Uganda.

Grey –Cheeked Mangabey

These type of species are found in Kibale Forest National Park and commonly seen in the Bigondi swamp areas in Kibale and Semuliki wildlife reserve. Grey-Cheeked Mangabey are named based on their physical features; that is having cheek pouches which help them to eat food abundantly. They also shake their heads as a sign to create a slapping sound from the lips as ways of communication.

Red Colobus Monkey

Red colobus monkeys are also types of monkey species found in Uganda which are commonly seen in Kibale forest national park. They are popularly known as a fighter species to protect their territories from being attacked by the predators. They are small in size, male weighs 13 kilograms and the female weighs up to 9 kilometers. Despite being small in size, they defend themselves with a lot of power and that’s how they survive in the forest.

monkey species

Golden monkey

This is a unique and an active monkey species found in Uganda. In Uganda are found in Mgahinga Gorilla national park only. They live on the highland areas and love to play in the bamboo forest of Mgahinga. All day long they keep on moving compared to the Chimpanzees. Therefore, tracking golden monkeys you need to be physically fit when you can manage to walk fast as go after them. The golden monkeys in Mgahinga gorilla national park live in peace with the mountain gorillas. You can book your golden monkey tracking permit where you can have an opportunity to see mountain gorillas at a cheaper price.

L’Hoest Monkeys

They live in Kibale Forest national park where you can find a haven of them. The L’Hoest monkeys are very shy terrestrial primates who are recorded on the vulnerable list of animals by ‘’IUCN’’ International Union for Conservation of Nature. You can still see them in Bwindi Impenetrable national park.

Patas Monkeys

They live in troops which consists of about 30 – 50 members. In Uganda can be seen in different places such as Kibale forest national park, Murchison falls national park and Mabira forest many more.

Other primates to see in Uganda include the baboons very bold primates, the Chimpanzees and the great mountain gorillas which are most sought after other primates on Uganda primate’s safari. Nocturnal primates include the galago, pottos and the bush babies. Bush babies can be seen during the nature walks in Kibale national park and Budongo forest.

Come visit Uganda on primate’s safari and get time to spend with these critically mountain gorillas the most visited primates and Chimpanzees as the second visited in Uganda, come along with active golden monkeys. Uganda as the Pearl of Africa is more blessed to host a high population of endangered Chimpanzees which are found in Kibale Forest national park. A traveler to have chances of seeing these 13 species of monkeys in Uganda book your safari to Kibale Forest national park where you won’t go regretting.

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