Things To Pack While Planning a Gorilla Trekking Trip

Things To Pack While Planning a Gorilla Trekking Trip : In order to witness mountain gorillas in their natural environment, gorilla trekking involves hiking through Africa’s tropical forests. these are things one has to pack for them to have unforgettable safari experience.

Hiking Shoes /boots;

Hiking shoes- boots is a great item to carry for your gorilla trekking. Since some time, hiking in the terrain is bit challenging and good ankle support and water protection are going to make for a lot more perfect hike. Before you take over for the hike make sure you have fully broken in your boots for your comfortable hike.

Hiking Pant / /Hiking shirt;

A perfect pair of hiking pants and a lightweight long-sleeved shirt will make your gorilla trekking more pleasant. Wearing this kind items on gorilla trekking experience, helps to protect your arms and legs from sun, branches and insects.

Waterproof Clothing or Rain Protection;

Even though your visiting gorillas in the dry season, you need to carry the waterproof because there is a possibility of rain. So, you need to prepare for the possibility of rain on your hike.  Packing your waterproof clothing is one of the best options but the downside is given on how hot it can be, you might end up being really hot and sweaty.

Sun Protection ‘’Hat /Sunglasses /Sunscreen’’

Things To Pack While Planning a Gorilla Trekking Trip
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If you tend to visit gorilla in their natural habitat, always make sure you are fully protected from the sun. We recommend you to carry a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen along with wearing long- sleeved shirt and trousers. Many travelers along their trekking trip prefer carrying their sunglasses.

Daypack with rain cover;

Note this, where gorilla trekking is conducted rain is unpredictable can fall any time of the day. So, we recommend you to carry this daypack with you to help you to protect your useful items like; Camera, water bottles, extra clothing and snacks.

Dry bag;

Along your gorilla trekking trip, you need to bring a camera with you and you will want away to keep it dry in an experience of a tropical downpour.  If it’s a smaller camera, something like a Ziplock bag works out better. For that matter, you might consider a dry bag or backpack liner that you can put inside your daypack which will keep all your belongings dry and safe.

Snacks /Lunch;

Generally, gorilla trekking starts early in the morning with a short briefing and around 8:30am park ranger group you into a group of eight of people and then after go have a great chance of trekking gorillas in their natural habitat which can be done more than half the day.  For this case, you might go hungry, so you need to carry some food with you. Remember to pack some energy giving drinks like nuts, dried fruits.

Rehydration Salts;

Hiking in humid conditions will cause you to sweat a lot, which may lead your body to rehydrate ‘’when you sweat you lose both water and salts’’.

Water bottle /water bladder;

Just know, hiking in this thick forest -you need to carry plenty of water to stay hydrated so you will want to make sure you fill up your water bottles before leaving your room- hotel that morning of gorilla trekking experience.

Gardening Gloves;

This kind of items is highly recommended by the park service.

Gaiter is good in giving protection from mud and dirt and can also keep stones and dirt from getting into your hiking boots. It also offers some protection from biting insects. However, it might not be a must to carry them but they are recommended.

Insect repellent;

This tropical forest is not only home to primates but also a place where you can visit and get to find the insects while searching for gorillas. Uganda’s gorilla inhabitants, you may see insects like Safari ants, Stinging caterpillar and leeches.

So, you will need to wear insect repellant to protect yourself from bites and recommend you to buy an insect repellant that applies at least 20% Deet as the active ingredient.  You might get surprised of not encountering mosquitoes while trekking ‘’this is because altitude is too high’’ mosquitoes can be present on other areas of Uganda and can carry malaria.

Local currency or USD for tips;

In fact, is that, tipping is life style in Uganda’s safaris. So, we advise you to carry enough money with you, which you can use for tipping and other items. You can tip the guides, waitress, drivers in local shilling as easiest option or tip them U.S dollar. You can tip them USD15 to 40 and more.

Toilet paper;

You never know have a longer trek where you may fill going to the toilet – so packing some toilet paper just in case is a good idea.

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