Best Time to Do Gorilla Tours in Uganda

Best Time to Do Gorilla Tours in Uganda

Best Time to Do Gorilla Tours in Uganda : The best time to do gorilla tours in Uganda is all year around though the country experiences with two seasons dry and wet seasons .But the busiest season to do gorilla tours is in dry season which starts from June to September and December to February .Then the wet season occurs in  May to Aprils and October to November which are not supportive for gorilla trekking .Uganda is categorised with two climatic changes tropical and warm climates due to its moderates rainfall with variations of dry and rain seasons. Uganda has an average temperature ranging between 25 to 29 degrees Celsius dropping with a minimum of 12 degrees Celsius and annual rainfall ranging between 1000 to 2000 millimetres high.

Despite the fact that, millions of travellers visit Uganda gorilla tours mostly during dry seasons. Christmas season becoming the best time to enjoy gorilla trekking tours a repeatedly done activity in high seasons. During peak seasons the country receives less amount of rainfall that enables to access the forest trail head to locate the gorilla family you’re to trek.

Uganda gorilla trekking tour can be encountered in two protected national park both located in south-western region of Uganda that is Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. Bwindi Impenetrable national park is home to the half remaining mountain gorillas in the world with over 600 individuals out of 1063 individuals still exists worldwide. However, gorilla trekking experience in Africa can be done in three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. In Rwanda gorilla trekking can be conducted in Volcanoes national park and Congo in Virunga national park.

Best Time to Do Gorilla Tours in Uganda
Best Time to Do Gorilla Tours in Uganda

Visiting Gorillas in Peak Season

During peak season is the only perfect season to experience gorilla trekking on Uganda tours. Peak season starts from June to September and December to February as the best months to encounter gorilla trekking in each of the gorilla safari destinations. And during peak seasons gorilla permits tend to be on high sale over 80 permits sold on daily basis, so we advise you to always book your permit in advance before your arrival time for Gorilla tours.

Low season

The low season receives heavy rainfall which interrupts with gorilla trekking activity but the possibility of getting permits is easy even at the last minute compared to dry seasons. During low season there is no crowd of people which leads you to enjoy the activity without conjunction of people in the park. The accommodation rates turn cheaper. Therefore, low seasonal month usually happens from March to May and September to November are the best time for budget gorilla tours. Note this, when it rains it does not rain all day long, it might rain in the morning and in the afternoon the sun raises out and work goes on. During low seasons visitor are advised to carry right equipment for gorilla trekking tours.

Cost of Gorilla Permits

Fortunately, Uganda gorilla permits costs USD700 for Foreign non-resident, USD600 for foreign resident and UGX250,000 for East African members, Gorilla habituation experience cost USD1500 a full day done activity. Rwanda gorilla permits cost USD 1500 and Congo costs USD400.To most of travellers prefer doing gorilla trekking in Uganda than in Rwanda because of high costs of permits in Rwanda compared to Uganda. In Uganda gorilla permits can be bought direct from Uganda Wildlife Authority Offices through emailing or contacting them. We recommend you to book your gorilla permits in advance for easy reservation and arrangements because of limited number of permits on sale on daily basis. If you don’t hesitate you can contact us Achieve global safaris.

Best Time to Do Gorilla Tours in Uganda
Best Time to Do Gorilla Tours in Uganda

Items to Carry for Gorilla Tours

These are the items to carry on gorilla trekking tours such as; Long sleeved trouser, Water proof day pack, Rubber boot hiker, warm stockings, worm clothes, Hand garden gloves, Energy snacks, Mineral water bottles, Sunscreen, Hat, Rain gear, Clear camera among others.

Where to stay on Gorilla Tours

There is no worry of where to stay on gorilla tours all safari destinations offers comfortable accommodations ranging between Luxury to Budget lodges.


Both Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park can be easily accessed by car and Air. From Kampala to the main destination it takes 8 to 9 hours by car. Alternatively, you can fly to and from Entebbe international Airport by domestic flight ‘’Aero link airline which flies to Kihihi or Kisoro Airstrip that takes 1:30hours.

Lastly, the best time to visit gorillas on Uganda tours from their natural inhabits of Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park, is throughout the year most especially during Christmas seasons and the best visiting season starts in June to September and December to February it’s when to leave with quite unforgettable experience. Book now your Gorilla permits to enjoy this incredible activity.

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