Best Time to See visit Kibale National Park

Best Time to See visit Kibale National Park

Best Time to See visit Kibale National Park

Best Time to See visit Kibale National Park: Kibale National Park is all year visited since Chimpanzee tracking experience and chimpanzee habituation experience ‘’CHEX’’ are the key selling activities done here. Just margin to meet your close relative in jungle and have time to spend with them, what a memorable lifetime one shouldn’t miss? Kibale National Park is the most magnificent safari destination of Uganda’s tropical rain forest and one of the most rewarding destination to adventure. However, it boosts of 13 species of primates such as the Localized Red Colobus, L’hoest’s monkeys and the endemic Uganda Mangabey but the major attraction is the chimpanzees the most delightful apes and are very closest to humankind than to any other living creature.

The park hosts over 5000 individuals of chimpanzees making it the best viewing destination of chimpanzees in the entire East Africa, it is also habitant of 70 mammals such as elusive forest elephants, giant forest hogs, buffalos, and number of antelope species,330 bird species among others making it one of the remarkable parks in Uganda. Kibale national park lies in the heart of the Tooro kingdom in the western Uganda, close to Fort portal town and is within few driving hours to Queen Elizabeth, Rwenzori mountains and Semuliki National Parks. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, located in western region of Uganda approximately 5 to 6 hours’ drive from west of Kampala city or Entebbe to main destination. Another option you can fly from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi Airstrip to Kihihi Airstrip within 1:30 hours.   

The best time to visit these lovely creatures is in the dry months of Christmas seasons, December to February and June to September when roads are passable and forest trails are out of water source. In drier months makes activities easier and quite enjoyable.

Then peak season occurs in June to September and its’s the best specious time for Uganda tourism most especially gorilla trekking come along with chimpanzee tracking and game drive viewing.

The low season usually occurs in March, April, May, October and November within these period of the year the number of tourists becomes few due to heavy rain fall which seems to fall in the area. Though it can be the poorest months to visit the national park but it also offers advantages, camps and lodges charges lowers and the parks can be out of crowd so you can enjoy the activities without any interruption of many people in the park.

The months of December to February and June to September are supportive to tourists who prefer doing chimpanzee tracking and habituation because there can be less rain fall thus leading easy hiking of forest trails.

The worst months to visit the park is in April to May and October to November. Note that during these period roads are in poor conditions and the park highly slippery in order to access forest head trail to track endangered chimpanzees.

Dry seasons 

The dry seasons happens in June to September and December to February yearly. When roads and forest trail are passible though receive less rainfall. Within these months’ chimpanzee tracking, game viewing community encounter becomes easier and quite impressive. Due to driest of the area and very less rainfall occurs leading to much concentration of tourists in the park without any worry of contracting malaria but few mosquitoes do appear in dry seasons. And because of being high season for tourism, there can be overcrowds of people in the park on visit to unforgettable encounter with these delightful chimpanzees.

Please note that, in Uganda Chimpanzee tracking can be done in several parks though Kibale national park is the most attractive and most visited due to high concentration of chimpanzees with over 5000 individuals ,it can also be done in Budongo forest in Murchison Fall national located in north-western part of Uganda the largest Uganda national park ,Queen Elizabeth national park in south-western Uganda and the second largest park landmark of the unique tree climbing lions and rich in diversity of animals. Then chimpanzee habituation experience can only be done in Kibale national park ‘’CHEX’’ it’s a full day activity with four hours given to visitors to spend with them and can be done with researchers ,park rangers ,doctors among others. Chimpanzee tracking is a one hour done activity though it takes 2 to 7 hours while trekking depending on their movements done with park rangers .During drier seasons viewing of these primates is much rewarding.

Wet Season

The wet season which happens in March, April to May and October to November, it may seem to be wetter but it makes the park promises to look scenic green with spectacular landscapes thus providing the best setting for some of the Africa’s most memorable visitors encounter or experience.

Travelers who are bird and nature lovers, wet season is the best way to see abundant of bird species and its when migratory birds can be encounter in the park and the nature can be quite rewarding, thus making the best time for bird watchers. But chimpanzee tracking turns to be difficult because of the slippery in the area.   

Lastly, the best time visit this unique and beautiful creature ‘’Chimpanzees’’ said to share with human DNA 98 % is in December to February and June to September which live in the permanent nature habits of Kibale national park, Budongo forest, Queen Elizabeth national park and Kalinzu forest. Note that Chimpanzee tracking and habituation is one of the major exciting and life changing experience after gorilla trekking one wouldn’t miss on his or her safari to Africa unlike those in zoos. Book your package to Kibale national park where you will not go disappointed. You can visit the park throughout the year but the best seasons to enjoy this fabulous activity is in dry months as were mentioned above. For more details, you can inquire from us Achieve Global Safaris for help customers are our first priority.

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