How to Buy Gorilla Trekking Permits?

How to Buy Gorilla Trekking Permits?

How to Buy Gorilla Trekking Permits? : The question is; Where can I buy Mountain gorilla permits for Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

Gorilla trekking permits requires one to purchase in advance like six months or even a year in advance if your plans is travel during peak season or if are in big groups .The earlier you book ,the more choice you have on where you trek and where you stay .You can as well book at the last minute but very possible during low season or where there are just one or two trekking .But the availability of gorilla trekking permits is not guaranteed .In particular this applies in Uganda where gorilla trekking permits are on high competition.

Therefore, peak seasons happens in June to October and during Christmas and the New Year January to February.

Each gorilla group can only be visited one hour per day with a maximum of 8 individuals and must be 15 years and above to trek the mountain gorillas in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park, Rwanda’s Volcanoes National park and Congo’s Virunga National park.

Uganda Gorilla Trekking Permits can be purchased up to two years in advance direct from Uganda Wildlife Authority Offices ‘’UWA’’. Then Rwanda gorilla trekking permit can be bought through the Rwanda Tourism Board ‘’RTB’’ or via a registered tour company. Congo gorilla permits can be bought inside the park or on the visit Virunga web site.

We recommend our clients to always book with a tour operator or a registered safari company as an advantage of hastening your reservation in a way that tour operator have intimate local knowledge of the perfect accommodation facilities options and proximity of gorilla families. Remember roads to the gorilla safari destination are remote areas so tour operator will arrange for you expert drivers who can make it in slippery, steep and muddy roads. If you plan your trip with the registered company will help you to reserve all the activity and accommodation bookings for you.

Procedures needed before you book your gorilla trekking permits;

The dates you would like to trek the gorillas; You should suggest a date in case your first choice of date is already booked up. After scan a copy of your passport and email it whoever is organizing your permits.

Personal Document needed

Gorilla trekking permits are non- transferable, so you will need to show your passport or other forms of personal identification at the pre-trekking briefing.


The best way to pay your money is by bank wire transfer and remember to tell your bank to deduct any transaction charges from your account.

If you are buying gorilla trekking permits directly from ‘’Uganda Wildlife Authority or ‘’Rwanda Tourism Board, you’re required to send them the bank payment confirmation email.

When you are buying gorilla trekking permits from a tour operator, you should also note that not all tour operators in East Africa accept the credit cards. To those who does add a heft surcharge ‘’of between 3% and 9 %’’. And if the tour company have your choice of dates and personal details, they can range a temporary reservation with the authority.

Confirmation of your reservation

Traveler who have booked his or her permit in time, you should receive your scanned copy of gorilla trekking permits within a few days of arrival in the Country. When you arrive in the country or on your day of trekking your tour guide will give you your original gorilla trekking permit. If you never booked with the tour operator, you will have to collect it by yourself from Uganda Wildlife Authority Offices or Rwanda Tourism Board.

How to Buy Gorilla Trekking Permits?

Note, you should be wise enough do not be fraud, your gorilla trekking permit has got a unique serial number and your personal details written on it. ‘’Remember its non-transferable’’.

Do not forget your passport or some other personnel documents at the pre-trekking briefing because you will have to show it out.

Tips followed on purchasing a gorilla trekking permit in Uganda

Uganda’s Bwindi gorilla families are spread over different geographic area, for this matter it is important you book accommodation in the region you’re to trek in gorillas to avoid long hour hiking of the start of gorilla trekking.

Trekking mountain gorillas in Uganda you will have to specify which park ‘’Bwindi or Mgahinga’’ you would prefer to visit. After making your personal choice Uganda Wildlife staff or trusted tour operator will guide you on which family you will be trekking. This will matter to your fitness level and interests. To purchase your gorilla trekking permits contact us Achieve Global Safaris or Visit the Uganda Wildlife Authority Office through emailing them reservation @

Tips on buying a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda

There is no worry of specifying a particular gorilla group when you purchase your gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda. Book your accommodation which will take an hour’s drive of Kinigi the main point for all gorilla trekkers. This will not lead you to inconvenient of your early morning start.

Rwanda gorilla trekking permits can be booked through a registered tour company or at the Rwanda Tourism Board and Conservation Reservation Office by emailing –

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