How to Protect the Endangered Mountain Gorillas

How to Protect the Endangered Mountain Gorillas

How to Protect the Endangered Mountain Gorillas : The endangered mountain gorillas can be protected in several different ways meaning you as a tourist can get involved in protecting the mountain gorillas. Meanwhile ,mountain gorillas are critically endangered species which are only found in three countries worldwide that is Uganda ,Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. In Uganda mountain gorillas can be trekked in two famous destinations, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park that hosts a bigger number of over 21 habituated gorilla families and home to half remaining mountain gorillas in the world and Mgahinga Gorilla national park both located in southwestern part of Uganda ,Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Virunga national park in Congo .

And due to the conservation measures put in gorilla destination ,today the number has increased for mountain gorillas for about 1063 in the entire world. And below are the ways on how to protect the endangered mountain gorillas or you can help to conserve, including the following;

Creating Awareness

It is very important to protect mountain gorillas even though you have never participate in gorilla trekking which is an important idea as a matter in conserving gorillas.

Gorilla Trekking

Trekking gorillas acquire one to first buy a permit and the money paid for the permit is used in the protection of gorillas.


There are number of conservation organizations where you can donate money as an effort of conserving gorillas in their preserved natural inhabits.

Avoid trekking gorillas when you are sick;

When preparing for mountain gorilla trekking always make sure that your body is in good health because sick people are not allowed to trek mountain gorillas since gorillas are vulnerable to human diseases that can lead to our dearest apes to death if their infected.

Rules and regulations must be followed

Tourists are always advised on how to follow the rules and regulations of gorilla trekking before they embark in the forest trailhead in search for them. It’s good to follow the rules given to you by the park ranger. There are many rules and regulations to follow few mentioned; You’re required to keep a distance of 6 to 7 meters away from the gorillas

Sick visitors of flue, diarrhea, fever are not allowed to trek mountain gorillas because their vulnerable to human diseases.

mountain gorillas

Trekkers must be 15 years and above

Support the local communities

Most of African national park are surrounded by the local people who are good in making handmade craft materials which attracts a number of tourists on their visit. These local people usually sell to them to the visitors on their gorilla trekking safari thus treasuring the mountain gorillas because these are the very people under the conservation areas around.

Preserving the sustainable palm oil, wood and other eco-friendly products

The sustainable sources are very important to protect critical forest since other products are eco-friendly or recyclable.

Learning more about wildlife

It’s not important to learn more about gorillas yet the conservation requires us to learn about all wildlife and also others get more aware as well. Knowing more about the wildlife will help us to protect both animals and people in a way to reduce the worldwide exotic pet trade.

Share this list on social media

Sharing the right information list of the mountain gorillas with everyone in your social network will let them know why we should protect endangered species and their habitats.

Encounter in other activities

Most of tourists visit gorilla safari destination purposely to participate only in gorilla trekking yet there are other thrilling activities you can engage in like mountain climbing, bird watching and golden monkey tracking. The funds got through these activities also supports in gorilla trekking. All the above explained information teaches us on how we can maintain or protect our lovely closes relatives ‘’ Endangered Mountain Gorillas who shares 98% human DNA’’ in their nature inhabits.


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