Mount Nyiragongo Eruption  2021

Mount Nyiragongo Eruption  2021

Mount Nyiragongo Eruption 2021 :Mount Nyiragongo is a natural wonder active stratovolcano that lies on an elevation of 3,470 meter in the Virunga Mountains composed with the Albertine Rift. However, it is positioned inside Virunga national park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo about 12 kilometres away from the north of the Goma town and lake Kivu, also bordered in the west of Rwanda. The park has got a number of splendid activities tourists can engage in such as gorilla trekking, Mount Nyiragongo hike, chimpanzee tracking, nature walk all can be conducted in Virunga national park Congo.

The volcanoes associated with main crater that raises two kilometres wide which usually contains a lava lake. More so, the crater is comprised of two distinct cooled lava benches within the crater walls, one measuring about 3,175meter and a lower one raising about 2,975meters.

Historically, mount Nyiragongo it has been erupting for over years since 1882 and here comes unexpected eruption which occurred on Saturday 22 –May -2021 abruptly. This coincidence started 6pm to flow the lava outside with high pressure forces pouring out the lava into different villages and territories around something they never expected would happen because it was a normal day. The lava continued to flow into different direction at East and west to ‘’Saka’’ a place of food, also 20 kilometres away from Goma and also continued to flow towards the East to Kisenyi to Rwanda side. For this incident caused millions of people to move to other places.

The lava flow was estimated to move at still 1 kilometre per hour which allowed millions of people to escape though many lost their properties and over 30 people died. Ultimately the lava stopped at the Buheme district on the northern side of Goma destroying away people’s homes and buildings in the area. Despite the fact, the lava never stopped to flow only to the nearby villages but it also flowed into the city and even reached the Goma International Airport at the south side of the city. It was later confirmed that the airport and the built up side of the city were unaffected.

Due to Nyiragongo erupt a number people have migrated to the neighbouring countries from Goma crossing into Rwanda for refuge.

Effects of Mount Nyiragongo eruption

This eruption led ten thousands of people to the departure of the neighbouring countries due to risk of further eruption.

A number of people lost their lives as a result of the eruption though they haven’t noted the exact number of death that were associated with the lava. Many have become homeless due to their loss of homes.

Mount Nyiragongo Eruption  2021
Mount Nyiragongo Eruption  2021

Over 17 villages were affected by the lava for example Majengo, Buhemi, Katoyi among others, it also destroyed a trading centre ‘’Sake’’ where the local people used to carry out their transactions from and food items.

It also affected people’s business, health facilities, schools, water supply were all destroyed due to the lava flowing. And a number of schools have been closed by the government till the issue being solved out and hospitals which have been destroyed is such a threat to the country because its where a number of individuals injured by the lava flow must be taken and other health centres are found at some distance around Nyiragongo which happens to be a threat.

Due to the lava flow lead to many transport infrastructures to be destroyed for example the road from Goma to Bunagana which connects to Uganda. According to what happed by the erupt the lava split the road into two parts thus making transport means to and from Uganda Congo through the Banagana border a threat.

There was cause of death due to the traffic accident that took place when people were shifting trying to seek for help and saving their lives. A number of children lost their parents and were left homeless.

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